The entire entertainment industry has buzzed for quite some time with the need for more diverse stories in media. From #oscarssowhite to #LGBTFansDeserveBetter the trends and discussions and media coverage around the narrow lens of entertainment has never been more loudly proclaimed. Some people are fighting the uphill battle to make the change in Hollywood. This battle, however, deserves to be fought on multiple fronts. Our Creative Commons is an effort to create a brand new space for content creators with more diverse backgrounds. More diverse voices lead naturally to more diverse stories. Change the stories, change the world.


The way to start changing the world is to provide the infrastructure to collaborate, create, connect with audiences, and distribute while minimizing the number of gatekeepers you have to make it through as a minority person with a story that’s not about straight, cis, white men (studios, agents, producers, etc.)

From crowd-funding to distribution of a TV show online, from finding actors or a sound person for a day, to getting equipment like cameras and lights,  Our Creative Commons is building out the infrastructure for minority storytellers to have access to all the tools they need to tell their stories and the stories of their communities.


With traditional avenues of creating and distributing media dominated by cis, white, able bodied men it’s going to take years for the tv and film industry to diversify. Efforts are being made to do so, and we’re stoked for that. But rather than armor up and fight a juggernaut that even well-known, well-funded talents struggle to overcome we decided that it was high time we create our own completely separate community for people who want to tell stories in film and TV that look more like the world they know and live in.

This community is dominated by storytellers who are growing up in the new world of media, a globally connected network of creative talents who know that film and TV can be made almost anywhere, distributed online, and engaged with by fans from all walks of life. They know the value of having real, honest relationships with their fellow creators fueled not by ego, but by a mutual desire to tell good and important stories.


Audiences are no longer passive markets full of “targets” that a show can accumulate. More and more audiences have become participatory members in the collaboration that is film and TV. They provide broader contexts, support creators who support them, and are part and parcel of the viewing experience.

Old school film and TV people have yet to fully grasp the power and responsibility that comes with audience engagement, but Our Creative Commons is committed to it. The creation and consumption of media is now, for better or worse, a collaboration between the creators and the viewers. That relationship deserves respect, and the tools to support it should be built with that in mind.

The Our Creative Commons team and community are all committed to working in collaboration with their audiences. To engaging with them, learning from them, laughing and crying and failing and succeeding together. And it makes our media that much better for doing it.



At the core of the Our Creative Commons model there will be a massive online distribution platform. The traditional method for distribution of video content online has been YouTube, but here at OCC we think a streaming video system isn’t enough. Instead, the platform should allow the streaming of content, but also publishing of photos, stories, a system for managing engagement with audiences like Q&A’s and cast/creator panels.

So far, the idea of a “web series” has been conceived as short form content with minimal commitment. We believe that instead of web series, we should create something new: TV on the internet. With all the heft, engagement, and funding of TV at the networks, but re-worked for the unique way online content can be dissected, preserved, re-made, and generally engaged with and participated in by the people viewing.

This platform is in development, and given its scope will take some time. It is the piece of technology that will bring together all the previously stated visions. We plan to bring TV to the internet. So, get ready.



Change is coming and we're excited. Strap in for the next few whirlwind weeks!

Last year from Our Creative Commons's Twitter via Twitter Web Client