Our Creative Commons is devoted to putting diverse TV online. One of the critical parts of that mission is developing a community infrastructure to support one another in our creative endeavors. This community includes people involved with the management of Our Creative Commons to varying degrees, from making major decisions that impact the whole community to lending a hand when someone needs a gaffer for a day. As our community grows, we’ll update this page with the folks involved.


Our Creative Commons is a community of creators from around the globe. Some may just use OCC for help or assistance with production (like for equipment or distribution through our soon-to-be-developed online streaming system). At the core of the driving force behind this endeavor though there is a group of four people: The OCC Braintrust. Bringing varying skills from start up’s, writing, PR, and academia this core group makes executive decisions about partnerships, direction and vision while taking into account feedback from the community at large. Here’s a bit about the team:

hipsterhatsEverett Dawson
(Master Trouble Maker)

Dawson is a tech geek who is constantly in a state of being overwhelmed by the new avenues the internet provides for storytelling. From fast and fun live streaming, to online distribution of all kinds of mediums, to personal connection with your audience (and audiences with their favorite content creators) there is a new age of media upon us…. or there can be, if we seize the opportunity. Our Creative Commons is Dawson’s pet project that combines the promise of the internet, the connective power of online spaces, and the real need that exists for diversification in media.

olivia-headshotOlivia D’Agostino AKA “O”
(Lead Storyteller, Comedienne Extraordinaire, and Terrible Canadian)

Olivia is a creative who wants to take on the world. She is interested in almost every avenue of media and wants to pursue them all professionally because why not? She is a strong believer in the power of storytelling (duh! Why else would she be here?) and wants to use this motto as the driving force behind all of the content she creates. She is a feminist and proud bisexual lady who can’t wait to see more diversity in media. Some very important facts: she is always in the state of wanting a tattoo; she has an unhealthy obsession with ice cream; and she dreams of one day having the human ability to fly. Also she loves dogs. A lot.

You’ll find Dawson around the internet in these places:
You’ll find Olivia around the internet in these places:

Desktop-JaimieJaimie Yakaboski
(Senior Wrangler of PR and Whiteboards)

Jaimie is a recent grad trying to jumpstart her career in PR with big city dreams for her future. In her spare time she’s begun improv classes (who knows where that’ll go though). She also enjoys watching television and talking about feminism, and especially loves when the two overlap. She’s an avid cat lover and terribly afraid of butterflies.

bethany-headshotBethany Scettrini
(Writer, Reader, Thesis Crafter and Expert in All Things Academia)

Bethany is a grad student and shipper of all things femslash. She enjoys researching contemporary literature, popular culture, fan studies, and feminist and queer theory. She can usually be found binge-watching TV or spending an inordinate amount of time on Tumblr. A collection of phrases that collectively describe and (con)fuse: loud music, coffee, Carol (2015), ambiguous discourse, secondhand blazers.

You’ll find Jaimie around the internet in these places:
You’ll find Bethany around the internet in these places:


[More bios on our extended community members coming soon. We have some great community members but they are all super busy folks and it takes a bit to wrangle all the info. Thanks for your patience!]

mads-headshotMaddie Ardillo
(Co-Creator/Writer on Skittish, Master of All Things Pun Related)

As a child in suburban Maryland, changed her answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up” almost daily: baker, cop, ice cream truck vendor, teacher, architect — the list goes on. At some point before her age hit double digits, she realized that there was one profession that would allow her to experience all of these walks of life: writer. That shift, in itself, led to its own hurricane of indecision, from novelist to poet to playwright, until finally a hunch interview with a Pittsburgh film school put her on the path of screenwriting. Over the course of four years at Point Park University, she fell in love with television and film, going on to win an Award for Excellence in Screenwriting for her senior thesis, a biopic about bisexual swordfighting opera star Julie d’Aubigny. Like every recent grad with a pair of two dollar sunglasses and a dream, the relocation west to Los Angeles was the next obvious step.


Change is coming and we're excited. Strap in for the next few whirlwind weeks!

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